Full Review

Billed as an online retailer on third-party business sites, the virtual company Indylend focuses on financial and credit services for U.S. residents. It operates online in 47 states, with the exception of Arkansas, New York, West Virginia and Vermont. The portal does not have a traditional store, which may be a sore point for some new customers.

However, Indylend is not a lender by nature. It is a web space for potential borrowers looking for payday loans and the like. It connects users with direct loan providers based on their requirements, financial situation and needs. In other words, the review is about an online search tool. And like any similar virtual assistant, it does its job through numerous filters that customers set to select offers and see relevant ones on their dashboards.

The marketplace is not an old brand. In fact, it was launched in 2019, making it a relatively new name in the industry. However, this period of time has been enough to establish the online company as a reliable help in getting affordable loans for all occasions. Of course, alongside the positive testimonials, there are also complaints. This is natural, considering the platform's scope of activity.

Indylend is popular among borrowers because of its active cooperation with customers on reasonable terms. However, there are some shortcomings that need to be addressed. Are they minor problems or major obstacles? You have time to think after analyzing the market. In this post, you will learn more about the Indylend platform, including its strengths and weaknesses. Let's say you are looking for a low-cost loan. In this case, the information will be useful and will help you find the best lenders in a few minutes. No commitment. All you have to do is to get informed, check out the site and decide if it fits your idea of a smooth loan process.

What does Indylend offer?

The Indylend marketplace does not offer offline services. Instead, it works online, integrated with direct lenders who promote their personal loans from $200 to $5,000. Of course, all loans have different terms and interest rates, as each lender is allowed to set unique terms under each state's law.

Therefore, even if the company claims to provide both short-term and personal loans, applicants should keep in mind that some states prohibit cash advances and only allow loans followed by installment payments with strictly limited interest rates. In any case, let's take a look at what you can get by checking out Indylend's offers:

Cash advances. These are small, unsecured amounts for a short period of up to 31 days to deal with emergencies. The "payday loan" thus allows to solve financial problems in a single day. Typically, these contracts require full repayment in one lump sum by a predetermined date. This option corresponds to the treatment of unexpected purchases, repairs or bills. It also allows vulnerable populations to purchase basic necessities. Thus, the cash advance only works for individuals.

Personal loans. This type of credit allows people to obtain larger sums of money for personal needs, whether for purchases, education or personal development. Various personal loans are available for ordinary people and small businesses when they need to improve their current situation, even if they have no money at the moment. The main feature of personal loans is the ability to pay in installments.

Installment loans. When you are on Indylend, you can contact direct loan companies that serve people who need installment loans. They are similar to personal loans, but more specific. For example, you can apply for a car loan, a mortgage or a home loan. The credit product also includes the ability to get a "credit builder" to improve one's credit history, which increases one's chances of getting low-cost loans.


  • Free to use.
  • Good quality website and intuitive navigation.
  • Up-to-date SSL encryption.
  • No financial health check.
  • Flexible terms for different borrowers.


  • Sometimes customers have to wait up to two days to receive money.
  • Spam text messages.

The advantages of Indylend

As a viable and densely "populated" market, Indylend offers diverse options to all types of borrowers. The diversity of offerings of different direct lenders is supported by their legitimacy and high quality of services, which allow people to feel protected from predatory companies.

First, the platform has excellent digital performance. It works without any problems or data loss and provides a seamless online lending experience. DNSFilter software demonstrates the security and technical protection of the site, ensuring that data is stored properly and malware free. Because Indylend does not engage in a lending process, it leaves plenty of leeway, allowing people not to tie themselves to a particular lender, but to compare offers and choose the best possible solution.

It also makes preliminary qualification possible, meaning that people do not have to sign an agreement and ask difficult questions before getting accurate calculations to understand the real value of the offer.

This gives users a key advantage: the ability to find a customized option. For example, consumers with good credit will be happy to turn to landers for low interest rates, no additional fees, and flexible repayment terms. On the other hand, customers with bad credit need not worry, as the platform offers many loans tailored to them. No applicant will be forgotten. For example, students will find lenders for private loans or refinancing to pay for their studies.

Is your credit history short? It doesn't matter. Many reputable loan companies are willing to help you pay off credit cards, refinance your vehicle, consolidate debt, and solve other problems.

Do you want to pay sooner than expected? You are free to cover your debt at any time if your financial situation has improved faster than you thought. No penalties for early repayment!

In addition, Indylend connects you with lenders who consult with clients or have blogs to help you manage your debt and simplify your bills.

Disadvantages of Indylend

With fast and quality services, Indylend is connected to commercial and financial organizations that focus on benefiting borrowers. While it is certainly a convenient option, there are several pitfalls to consider. But they will help you avoid the debt cycle. Read on to be informed and make sensible decisions about taking out credit.

Of course, it is all about rates. Since interest rates are not fixed but different for each particular loan, it is a good idea to be well informed before signing contracts. In general, Indylend offers the following APR (annual percentage rate) ranges.

  • From 4.99% to 450% for personal loans.
  • From 6.63% to 225% for installment loans.
  • From 200% to 1386% for cash loans.

The final percentage depends on the lending institution. Therefore, you should discuss it with the company directly involved in the loan process.

Of course, there are many free lenders. However, some companies charge a fee for accepting the application and even before approval. For this reason, it is good to be careful and ask for pre-qualification first.

Note that application fees are common. The lender usually charges them after approval, and the amount depends on the size of the loan. As a rule, people must pay between 1 percent and 6 percent of their principal. Remember that the interest rates payable cover both the money borrowed and the application fees.

Loan terms and conditions

Fortunately, Indylend stands out for its customer loyalty. Thus, it is not necessary to have a high credit score or an impressive credit history to get a good deal. In addition, borrowers have the great opportunity to get rid of paperwork and faxes. Instead, the platform does all the work. And even with the different rules of lenders, you can easily get what you want. What do you need to get a loan?

  • A social security card.
  • Driver's license or government-issued ID.
  • Proof of income.
  • Proof of address.

Basically, you need to provide basic information so that lenders can approve your application and contact you for advice if necessary. This usually involves providing your e-mail address and phone number.

How to get a loan on Indylend.Com

Your first steps on the Indylend platform are child's play. Manage all business on the web without visiting stores or offices. So, welcome to the main page of the website with a simple request form right on the first screen:

  • Choose the amount you want to get: $200 to $500, $500 to $1,000, $1,000 to $2,500 or $2,500 to $5,000, etc.
  • Enter your email to see the latest loan updates.
  • Submit your request.
  • Browse available offers.
  • Choose the best option and accept the conditions.

Thus, you will receive your money as soon as all the necessary formalities have been completed. As a rule, it only takes a day.

Our Final Thoughts

Indylend market is a convenient free platform to explore and decide its validity. You don't even need to register to find out more about the company and how it works. The portal will certainly be useful for those who have a responsible loan and need money to solve real problems. So if you perceive Indylend as a source of free money to buy more than you need and can, the cycle of debt is inevitable no matter which lender you choose.

Therefore, e-commerce is an effective tool to achieve goals. Try its services to access lenders across the country and find out the cost of your loan without obligation.